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Cretan cuisine

Here you’ll understand why Cretan cuisine has gained worldwide acclaim. In the fish tavernas, rakadika, and historic cafes with their VIP clientele, the flavours of Crete will win you over. For a more innovative gastronomical experience, try Chania’s gourmet restaurants, where renowned chefs have elevated the island’s traditional cuisine, winning many awards and accolades in the process (such as the Golden Chef’s Toque).

It’s worth visiting the villages of Apokoronas, about 20 minutes outside of town: Armeni, Vamos, Xirosterni, Kefalos, Gavalohori, and Agios Pavlos are some of the most beautiful villages in Crete, and promise to be great culinary journeys. Here you will experience authentic Cretan cuisine, sampling local recipes such as tsigariasto, boureki, kalitsounia, pilafi, dakos, as well as all sorts of delicious grilled meat.