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Chania: A world of adventure

Getting the most out of a destination that has it all, means living and breathing every minute of your stay. So your challenge is to experience Chania from every angle imaginable … and some you probably haven’t even envisaged yet.

Samaria Gorge, an unforgettable experience in Crete

Just a few kilometres outside Chania is the renowned Farangas (Gorge), the largest and most famous gorge in Crete. Devote one day to exploring its 18km and see nature in all its glory. You may even meet the elusive and rare wild Cretan goat. When you reach the narrow passage (only 3km wide) at the end of the gorge, called Portes (also known as the Iron Gates), your adrenaline will soar, like the rock walls on each side, that reach a height of 300m. Your five-hour hike will end in Agia Roumeli where you’ll be rewarded with the swim of a lifetime.